Pacific Pilgrim
In the Hurricane’s Eye
Pacific Pilgrim
Fifth Quarter
Caution to the Wind
  1 Aotearoa
  2 How Soon - How Long_
  3 Need for Wings
  4 The Journey
  5 No Crusaders
  6 Winter Afternoon
  7 To Pamplona
  8 Warriors of the Rainbow
  9 Deep in the Night
10 Slowin' Down
This record is the fourth quarter. Once more I have been lucky to have the talents of several good friends, all fine musicians, to help me make my word-and-sound pictures in the studio.
    Howard Lees, half of the brilliant acoustic jazz/contemporary duo Hobson & Lees, helps out with some lovely lead guitar, while Keith Donnelly and Gilly Darby, formerly of “Waterfall”, sing most of the vocal harmonies and backings.  Andy Irvine, of the Irish group Planxty, who sometimes stays with me when he is in the north of England, plays harmonica and mandola, while Andrew Cronshaw, who often puts me up in London, adds his unusual electric zither sound. I needed a pedal steel for one of the songs and eventually found Vic Collins, who has worked with Flaco Jimenez on some of the latter’s British tours. Last, but probably deservedly first, is Matt Clifford, who has already worked on my two previous LPs.  Matt has taken time out from his busy tour schedule in France, where he plays keyboards for French singer Julien Clerc, to come and grace my songs with his sensitive and inventive accompaniments. To Maatt and all the above, my grateful thanks.
    Finally I must mention John Gill, who has engineered all my previous records and once more worked the desk.  Special thanks to John for sharing all the hard work and the long hours.
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Lines of Lingering