Lines of Lingering
In the Hurricane’s Eye
Pacific Pilgrim
Fifth Quarter
Caution to the Wind
11  What Will you Wear
12  The Crows they Crow
13  Song for Kerry
14  They all went to Rio
15  What is Wrong 
16  Race
17  Leeway
18  There Once was Love
19  So Hard to Love
20  I am the Land
Songs that for various reasons never made it onto the albums and songs that have been written since coming off the road as a full-time musician.

This is a double album with 20 songs spanning over 30 years from the mid to late 1960’s in New Zealand to the 1990’s in the UK.
  1  Now is the Time 
  2  Second Hand Dreams
  3  Wild Bird
  4  The Scarecrow
  5  Actors
  6  Children of the Sun
  7 The Price you Pay
  8  Every Mother’s Son
  9  The Time of your Arrival
10  Dublin to Derry
Download the lyrics for the songs
Lines of Lingering 
Original artwork, “Ullswater Dreaming”, by my talented daughter Monica