In the Hurricane’s Eye
In the Hurricane’s Eye
Pacific Pilgrim
Fifth Quarter
Caution to the Wind
  1 The Faces of Love
  2 Good Intentions
  3 No Quarter
  4 Riversong
  5 Nimbus
  6 Peace Descends
  7 Peace Must Come
  8 It's You in the End
  9 The Simple Life
10 The Brown Bird
11 One More Time
Somebody once said: “We do not own the Earth; we merely borrow it from our children.” If this philosophy would only guide our use of this tiny planet, there would be no reason to divide it up, to squander its gifts or to spoil its beauty.
    Making a record is a bit like doing a jigsaw puzzle. I hope you find all the pieces, that they fit together well and that you get the picture!
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Lines of Lingering