Fifth Quarter
In the Hurricane’s Eye
Pacific Pilgrim
Fifth Quarter
Caution to the Wind
  1  Joel's Song
  2  I.O.U.
  3  The Fast Lane Down
  4  The Eagle and the Islanders
  5  Bring it to Be
  6  Wingless Angel
  7  Uncle Sam
  8  Rolling Home
  9  The Pathway of Love
10  Beat the Drum for Freedom
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Lines of Lingering 
This was my fifth and final album made while I was still a full-time touring musician before coming off the road at the end of 1989. 
It is not possible to put together a recording like this without the considerable help, support and encouragement of others.  In fact I’m certain that the microphone which will make my voice sound even reasonable hasn’t been invented yet, so my thanks again to John Gill, who engineered in the studio and made the best of it. Also, to a band of friends and supporters and of course the musicians, Jim Sutherland, Matt Clifford, Rory McLeod, Chris While, Howard Lees and Stu Luckley, who not only helped tremendously but made it so much more enjoyable.